A Posture Of Marriage

We had the opportunity to do a marriage workshop this past weekend over Valentine’s Day. TJ Leach, who pastors a church in Houston, invited us to come share with the couples of his church from what we have gleaned over the years. TJ and his wife Jenny have known us for many years, having grown up in our youth ministry, and then serving with them at a church in Florida together for a few years. TJ is the one who introduced me to Soma back in 2008, so I partly blame him for helping plant the seeds that are bearing fruit now in the area of making disciples while living on mission.

It was fun to prepare for the workshop, first by writing down all the things we’ve learned, heard, believed, and practiced, and then trying to sort it all out. It gave us the opportunity to reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness to us over the years, bringing us together so many years before as best friends, then to marriage, then kids, adding adventures, ministries, jobs, friendships, challenges, moves, and dreams into the mix. We’ve laughed so much through the years, and have had a blast doing life together. So when we tried organizing our thoughts, it seemed to be just a glorious mix of everything stirred together.

Then God gave us the word “Posture” in three areas, Humility, Learning, and Serving. It was so helpful for us to go back and look at our marriage through those three lenses, so we organized our verses, advice, truths, applications, warnings, and examples into those areas, and were able to share with others some insight into marriage that we trust will serve them well. We felt like God gave us favor with 10 couples that are eager to display His glory in their lives, their marriages, and their families. I (Rich) had the opportunity to preach on Sunday morning and it was great to worship with a church family that desires to display the restorative heart of God in a city that is severely broken by sin.

Our hearts were filled, even as we got to pour out of our lives into the lives of others what God has blessed us with over the years. It was Valentine’s Day, and while we didn’t get a chance to really get away by ourselves, we kind of agreed that it was our favorite one ever, in that we got to celebrate what He has done in us and through us, and to hopefully spur others down that same path of friendship and joy in all that marriage can be.

Just for fun, one thing we didn’t show was one of our favorite “helpful” marriage videos, but we will share it with you here.

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