A Season of Interruptions

I so often wrap the Christmas story up into a neat little package, but it can be seen as an abundance of interruptions, bringing all it’s participants to a glorious finale.

Mary’s life was interrupted by an angel’s announcement. Her reputation of purity was interrupted by a pregnancy out of wed-lock. An engaged couple’s trust and relationship was interrupted by a conception by the Holy Spirit. Joseph’s sleep was interrupted by a dream. His plans to put Mary away quietly was interrupted by God’s plan for them to marry. Their marriage was interrupted by abstinence until the baby was born.

Everyday life was interrupted by a decree from an emperor. A restful pregnancy was interrupted by a long journey. Expected accommodations were interrupted by unexpected crowds. Shepherds were interrupted by the angels. Mary and Joseph were interrupted by the shepherds. The townspeople were interrupted by the shepherds. I kind of imagine the shepherds kept getting interrupted by the other shepherds. I mean, they did see angels!

Wise men’s study and comfort were interrupted by a star, and a prophecy, and a journey. Herod’s peace was interrupted by the wise men’s announcement of a king. Mary and Joseph were interrupted by the wise men worshipping. Wise men’s return plans were interrupted by an angel’s warning. Joseph’s sleep was interrupted by another dream. A trip north to Nazareth was interrupted by a trip south to Egypt. Safety and comfort were interrupted by a threat of death.

The silence of God was interrupted by a fulfillment of the prophecies. The human race was interrupted by Immanuel, “God with us”. People in their sin were interrupted by a Savior.

What are your plans during this season in your life? Where do you find your comfort? What are your expectations in your life? How well are you managing your life?

Are you prepared to be interrupted?

By unexpected news, unplanned events, uninvited people? Like that first Christmas.

My encouragement to you is to simply have a posture towards God in this season, of a willingness to be interrupted. Allow God to lead you into a story of His faithfulness, His sovereignty, His goodness, His love, as a Savior whose heart is bent towards you, inviting you up into the glorious interruption of His grace. The cross is the point of His interruption, where you come to the end of yourself, and the beginning of Him. Surrender there, receive Him there, and allow the smaller story of your life to be interrupted by an epic that is as grand and adventurous as they come, for it is the story of God.

John 1:9 says “The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world . . . But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.”

That’s the best interruption this world, and your world too, has ever had.

Merry Christmas!

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